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1. We recommend separate seating and crimping dies. Combo dies can be used as long as it is verified that the coating is not damaged in the process. Pull a bullet to check coating integrity.
2. The Lee FCD (Factory Crimp Die) can be used but with caution. Improper setup of the FCD can produce an excessive crimp and/or actually undersize the bullet. Many have used with success but with detailed attention to proper setup.

1. Black Bullets work with most available powders. 
2. Most Common: VV N320, WST, SOLO1000, Clays, Ramshot Competition, Sport Pistol and others with similar burn rates 
3. The best scenario is a fast powder that burns fairly cool.

Loading Tips:
    Main Objective is to make sure the coating is not shaved as the bullet is inserted into the case or the bullet leaves the case. Therefore we need to pay close attention to Bell & Crimp.
    Bell: You will need to put enough bell so that no coating is shaved in the seating station. However don't over bell as it will cause issues with a "bump" in the brass as you crimp.
    Crimp: Black bullets dont need much crimp at all. A taper crimp is the preferred method. The recommended practice is (with a cartridge ready to be crimped in the shellholder):
    1. Back the crimp die out so that it wont do anything.
    2. Raise the ram with the cartridge in the shellholder.
    3. Rotate the crimp die until it touches the cartridge and give it an additional 1/8 of a turn.
    4. Check the cartridge with a case gage.
    5. If it does not pass the gage - reinsert and add an additional 1/8 of a turn.
    6. Continue this process until it passes the case gage but add another 1/8 of a turn to deal with case variation.

Remember to follow the standard safety practices when reloading.

If you have questions please contact as we are more than happy to assist.