What is the purpose of the coating?

The primary purpose of the coating is to eliminate the need for the smokey traditional wax lubricants used for many years in the shooting and reloading industry. Traditional lead bullets are inherently accurate due to the land/groove contact with the barrel creating a tight seal thru the designed interference fit. The wax lubes were necessary to eliminate the leading that occurs as the raw lead travels down the barrel. What is the drawback to the traditional wax lubes? The wax lube creates smoke under the pressure and temperature of the ammunition being fired. The wax lube also has a tendency to be very messy in the reloading process and will potentially build up in the reloading dies. The coatings primary design is to eliminate these 2 issues and it does an excellent job doing so.

Why does your coating look thinner than other manufacturers, theirs looks thicker and more aesthetically pleasing?

Great question and the answer may actually surprise you!!!! If we go back to the purpose of the coating it is designed to replace wax as a lubricant. We dont want to change the function of the lead to actually seal the lands and grooves with the coating doing the sealing. We want to lubricant the lead as it travels down the barrel. Creating a thick coating while more aesthetically pleasing actually reduces the performance and accuracy of the bullet. We have performed thousands of hours of testing thru Six Sigma Design of Experiments to develop a coating at the optimal thickness to maximize adhesion of the coating to the lead and durability of the coating. In this process we found that a thicker coating become brittle and has a detrimental impact on the accuracy of the bullet. In competitive shooting we view the accuracy of the bullet to be the #1 factor in quality and performance, not aesthetics. Aesthetics is important to us as well but not so much as to impact performance, accuracy, and quality of the projectile. 

​​​Coated Bullet Information Series

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Black Bullets International manufactures coated bullets, applying the J&M Specialty Products P/L HI-TEK Lube coating that encases the complete bullet. 

This makes the bullets clean and accurate. They are also uniform in weight and dimension. 

Coated bullets produce higher velocities and a big reduction in lead fouling and smoke.

Because of our HI-Tek Lube coating bullets are safe to shoot indoors and your dies will remain clean during the reloading process. 

Our goal is to offer high performance, accurate bullets at competitive lead bullet prices.

We provide personal service and exceptional quality. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices and overall value are why our loyal customers keep coming back. We look forward to serving you!